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The first hip-hop album that actually takes you on a journey through the mind of the artist.  Come join me on this historical adventure…
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Yes, it’s over with a boom. I sincerely thank all of you who supported me and gave me the confidence I needed to break up through to the next level. I look forward to see you all on the other side :-)


On October 2009, I saw a Jazz/Fusion group called Tribeqa play at Festival Poulpaphone in Boulogne Sur Mer, France.  I never expected to be inspired by that particular kind of genre, but their unique style and performance led me to give my contact details to them.  Within one month I got an email with an instrumental attachment called “back in the days”, with it the manager of Tribeqa wrote:
"… so what do you think of this?".  
I was so into the instrumental that within 48 hours I had written, recorded, and premixed it and replied to the email with the elements attached with the subject line: “Sands of Time”.  
Finally in April 2010, Tribeqa released the album Qolors.  On it, you will find the track "Sands of Time" that I wrote and performed. In it I talk about how fragile time is to each of us as individuals and how we should be careful as to who we share that time with.
You can find the album in iTunes as well as Amazon.

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